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About Us

Our Mission

We started M&R Superfoods with the vision of delivering nature's most nutritious and beneficial foods in fun and creative ways. 


Born in Kherson, Ukraine and raised in Canada. I am a student at the University of Western Ontario, currently completing my second Bachelor’s Degree. I am a full time academic who loves to read, write and study. With previous experience in the law field, I am able to put together various contracts for multiple parties and have learned the importance of communication skills. Additionally, I have spent the last three years working with clients across Canada in the Cannabis industry in the compliance and regulatory division. As an advocate for natural health products, I have been expanding my knowledge in mycology and am fascinated in the benefits of mushrooms. 

Mouna Chahine (The M)


Born and raised in Canada. I am currently a business student at the University of Western Ontario and have always been inspired to start my own business. Health and fitness have always been a huge part of my life. As an entrepreneur, I am very self-motivated and passionate when it comes to mushrooms. I have a major interest in the benefits of alternative medicine and natural ways to heal the mind and body. Having a scientific basis is important to me in order to provide full confidence in the results of our products.  

Rami Chahine (The R)